Here ..All questions embarrassing fear that explain it

There are a lot of questions, which touched on in the minds of girls and women on issues related to body and skin care, and be talking about it awkward and not easy for them. Here are some of these questions and answers by experts.
Is naturally shaped nipple?
Suffers most girls of lack of experience on the natural state that you should be the nipple, which creates concerns many in their minds may reach their suspicion that they are infected with serious diseases such as cancer tumors, and to help you get rid of these concerns will answer some of the questions that can bethat touch on your mind on this subject.
- I suffer from chapped nipples. What do I do?
Occur cracked or bleeding nipples usually in cases of breast or due to the infection of the nipple or eczema, fungal or because of the severe dry skin or clothing or the effects of detergents or a ointments or creams or breast bath soaps, perfumes or cologne. In this case advised to stay away from the use of soap, lotion or perfume on the nipple. All you need is a laundry, or washing clean warm water to maintain the cleanliness of the breasts and nipples, grease nipple can Vaseline ointment in case of severe drought and preferably consult a dermatologist.
- How can I get rid of white hair bikini area?
There are many things to hate occur as we get old, the first of these things graying hair bikini area. Here are some solutions to end this problem:
1 - hair dye: if you're not keen on waxing just the bikini area on an ongoing basis, you can hide white hairs by commercially available dyes and for sensitive areas, where they do not contain ammonia or parabens.
2 - Temporary coloring: You hair coloring quickly and temporarily Balmascara or pen to take into account non-skin contact. Avoid hair coloring immediately after the shaving process as be at the top of skin sensitivity.
3 - Use tweezers Supply: hair cut by electrical hair tongs makes hair less visible white and almost non-existent.
4 - Allirz: the best solution that can save you from this problem permanently is waxing permanently by sessions Allirz or electrolysis devices.