In Japan: 88 committed suicide every day!

To commit suicide in an increasingly day by day, it is clear that the living conditions and pressures of life play an important role in the suicide case. So that the Japanese man who committed suicide in a live broadcast on the Internet recently is one of tens of thousands killed themselves in the Asian country this year.In 2009, the oldest 32 845 Japanese committed suicide in a significant increase from the rate of suicides in Japan, which has been hovering at around 30 thousand cases per year over the past twelve years, which means that 88 Japanese killed themselves every day, the rate is highest in the world.
Experts link between suicides and issues such as living conditions, and a sense of shame, and self-esteem, and a culture of competition in Japan. In the economic environment is safe, a growing number of Japanese males (more than 70 percent of suicides are males) are no longer confident of keeping the function of an honorable and support their families. To make matters worse, such people may be involved in what is known as "loan shark hell" LOAN SHARK HELL, causing them to feel humiliation and shame. Does not match the culture of suicide in Japan, only South Korea.