After Anna .. Belle Christina monument on top of gangs in America

A large number of Russians accused of spying and Belles-mail fraud, and recently told the FBI the Russian Consulate in New York that the number of Russians held in police custody on charges of stealing $ 3 million from banks, the United States reached 11 people.
In sum agreed the prosecution of U.S. public against the arrest of 20 people for fraud-mail for the seizure of over $ 3 million through the introduction of a virus to the computers a number of U.S. banks. Among the prisoners and detainees between the ages of 20 and 25, a number of "Russian Beauties "According to the American press.And became "The beauty of Russian girls who Inchgln spying and fraud-mail" address the first page of many local newspapers. The newspaper "New York Daily News" that Christina Seviienskaia (21 years), one of the defendants in this case, resembling a "Russian spy" I Chapman (28 years).According to sources, the U.S. Seviienskaia 5 Accounts opened at least two banks in the U.S., and then enter the amount of gang computer more than $ 35000 stolen from a U.S. bank customers to these accounts. It was subsequently withdraw $ 11000 from this amount. And deny all detainees and detention centers, who are students, that they have committed a sin.