Egypt in what is the biggest need of IMF loan .. And "Brotherhood" pinning their hopes

The newspaper "Financial Times" that the British Egypt need to become more than just a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and confirmed that the presence of a real political consensus is crucial to the implementation of economic reforms in the country.

The newspaper added that while oscillating Egypt on the brink of economic, President of the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as their partners in the West, pinning their hopes on IMF loan, which has a $ 4.8 billion to save the country. She noted that in the best possible scenario would allow the loan flow external funding of about $ 14.5 billion to the country, but must adhere to the Cairo apply austerity measures, and remains domestic political support is something crucial to the success of this scenario, it is a precondition for granting the country the loan.
She said that the Brotherhood seeking work on the division of National Salvation Front, and delegitimize them, noting that when she called the group opposing factions for dialogue, headed by some to be converted into a mere opportunity for photo ops with those who have no influence on the political decision-making, as well as sought the group to develop legislationmore stringent and restrictive to limit protests paralyze civil society. 


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