Israeli site reveals important details before the death of Yasser Arafat

Revealed the "Israel Defense" story of what he called the fact that the death of the late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, some details of the resource contacts between Israeli and Palestinian officials during the period that preceded his death, between the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Security of the European Union Javier Rcolana then
According to the news site, the Israeli military intelligence received reports about the deteriorating health situation of President Arafat, and they have estimated it in the device because of a severe flu a result of poor sanitation facilities in the building, its content and that the Israeli army Bhsarh period of time.
In the same context mentioned the site to a lawyer Israeli named Dov Weisglass and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had received a telephone call by Javier Solana, who called the Israeli government to agree to remove Arafat to receive treatment abroad, but that the Israeli intelligence opposed it strongly, pointing out that the officials in the Palestinian Authority were in constant contact with Javier Solana
The site to Sharon at that time discussed the matter and held several talks at all levels of political and military at the international level represented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the European Union and at the local level representatives of all parties and the Israeli military commanders in the army.

He spoke a senior official in the Palestinian Authority with Weisglass saying to him, "Arafat has only a few weeks to live if he died in the province will bear all responsibility and death Sttardekm Tardekm Christians as Jesus 2000 years of killing.

It is noteworthy that Sharon has allowed Arafat to leave for treatment, one of the French hospitals after consultations had been held with senior doctor in a hospital in Chiba, "Israel", pointing out that the leadership of the Israeli army was opposed strongly to Sharon's decision but that the written message came to the Army by the President Ministers which is written "The prime minister gave the order and allow him to leave


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