Video clip strange man walking on the water with ease

Radio One foreign channels a video clip of a U.S. citizen can walk on his feet above the water without sinking, twisting his body and the way that it is difficult for the human do.
As the channel mix in this video are some scenes of the famous American actor Samoil Jackson, who gave the man a supernatural character in one of his films.
The video has achieved widespread on the pages of social networking in a few hours.


Rape of British tourist in Sharm el-Sheikh, and saw the reaction of the British Foreign Office on it

British tourist was raped in one of the resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh,It has been one of the British women raped in her room, and that the newspaper "Daily Mail" the British, he said that the tourist was raped by the guard, who take her to her room at the tourist resort, and was introduced by the strongly and assaulting her.

The newspaper reported that Ms. received quick help from the British Foreign Office, and they sent to Britain to receive treatment there.
Has designed the British Foreign Office to open an investigation into this incident, and especially as it is not the first time for these acts, the State Department warned the British by the increasing cases of sexual harassment to the British in Egypt, has been spotted many cases of harassment and rape in Egypt, has warned the British Foreign Government Egyptian growing phenomenon that can lead to lack of Britons tourists in Egypt. 

Rare pictures of animals and women's breasts

Photos are rare, and a Comedy for Granger on the breast of women, include a rare and beautiful pictures of these animals have not seen before, and the pictures show the extent of tenderness and beauty of women on the animals and the animals attached to these women.
Maternity spring tenderness and grace bestowed upon mankind, animals, and fungi by every living organism, a behavior instinctively flowing without interruption, is characterized by sensitivity and compassion, calm and emotion, which is also set feelings homogeneous instinctive, and animals of all breeds and types of God put the maternal instinct, world of the animal world is full of sacrifices, love and compassion.


Egyptian TV scandal "Maspero" The presence of the building Nightwear

The strange incident in a building Radio and Television Union "Maspero" was found sleeping shirt 300 Women in Maspero, in the security sector through the work of inspection tours surprise to some offices where there are employees in the building of Radio and Television Union.

Security sector found on the T-shirts, and discovered that there are some women sell massive amounts of clothing and underwear Women in Maspero building and call it a system where the trunk and the trunk attend the working publish this stuff on the staff.
I discovered this fact by chance during the passage of Security, where he found gathered many of the workers and employees inside a office building and the presence of goods offered for sale are flipping them, was immediately reservation on the trunk and discovered that by about 300 sleep shirt and some underwear, which is currently under investigation in this incident.

View Video snake kill a priest was used in the ritual of the Church

Is a video rumored killing of pastor the church by a snake was used in the ritual of the church, in a small church in central Kentucky-American, was the Rev. J. Coates offers his "Snaik Salvashen", which displays on the station National Geographic television, carrying poisonous snakes as part of the religious rituals. During that one of the poisonous snakes to kill the Rev.