Tea Facts for you

Tea is one shrub that has found innumerable followers who are addicted to this wonderful, health giving and aromatic hot beverage. That one shrub is camellia sinensis as the tea plant is scientifically known. From one tea plant there has emerged innumerable heaps of tea varities that puts to strain the memory load of the best of the tea connoisseurs and the most experienced tea tasters across the World.

The list of tea variety is endless – black, green, white, red, oolong, pu-erh tea, organic tea and finest Darjeeling premium teas. The difference in taste, aroma and flavor is due to many factors among them tea tree species, climate, cultivation method and processing play an important role. One can go on and on writing about tea leaf and its variety.

Tea consumption was popular in Asia since thousands of years and tea tree was grown in China, Myanmar and India. Tea was widely consumed in Asia especially China and the Asian knew about the various varieties of tea leaf and there health benefits.

Darjeeling tea from India became the most prized among the black tea leaf as tea cultivation became popular during the British rule. India gradually became cultivating the green tea variety as well which in the early years was being grown only in China.

Introduction of tea consumption into Britain began after the marriage of King Charles II with Princess Katrina of Portugal in the seventeenth century who introduced tea drinking habit unto the court.
Today tea drinking has popular all over the globe and its consumption is ever increasing. The awareness among the people of the health benefits of tea brew is another reason for the rising popularity of the tea all over the World. Tea lover drink tea regularly and consumption of this hot beverage is not limited to social events and parties now.

Organic green tea is more popular in Europe and United states due to its health benefits. Whereas black tea leaf is most popular for tea brewing in Asia.