New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve is a universal day of celebration. However, Sydney is one city in the whole world that plans, prepares for, anticipates and celebrates New Year’s Eve like no other. In Sydney, most of the excitement and activity concentrate around the Sydney Harbour.

The activities begin early in the afternoon, and towards night, the exhilaration builds up and at around 9:00 p.m., there is the much-awaited - in fact eagerly awaited throughout the year since the last New Year’s Eve - Family Fireworks. The display of fireworks during the New Year’s Eve celebrations at the Sydney Harbour is a show of magic and light where one can see pyrotechny at its best with its array of special effects.

Midnight Fireworks is a breathtaking ensemble of brilliant explosions from the barges, the rooves of the high-rise buildings and from different strategic points of the famous arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

After the Family Fireworks and before the Midnight Fireworks is the Harbour of Light Parade where several vessels of majestic style and design will participate in a parade with a specific theme. Ropelight designs would be this year’s theme for the parade and the magnificent vessels decked up in a variety of designs consistent to the theme, sailing in all their glory, would be a spectacular sight and a wonder of wonders!

Being onboard a vessel during the Parade would be the best gift that you give yourselves for the New Year.
Besides the cruising pleasure and the joy of dining and dancing onboard, being part of the parade also provides the best views of the fireworks. Be there once and that would turn out to be the most memorable night of a whole lifetime!

Tickets are sold throughout the year for the event, and towards the beginning of the last quarter of the year, they sell in multitudes every day. To ensure that you are onboard on this spectacular night, it is better that you book your tickets as soon as yesterday!

The fireworks are best seen from aboard these cruising wonders! With sparkling waves lapping against the sides of the vessels, the indulging comforts of the environ, the spirit of the night and the wine, the vision of the skies ablaze with colourful explosions, and the mesmerising power of the moment along with the anticipation of good things to come would assuredly make this a night of nights!