Lives like Hollywood star

SINGER Ho Yeow Sun, wife of Revrend Kong Hee, of City Harvest Church, who are being probed for alleged misuse of church funds, lives in a $28,000-a-month estate in same exclusive suburb in Los Angeles as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, reported The New Paper on Sunday.
The pop star, 40, popularly known as Sun Ho, who has been shuttling back and forth between Singapore and the US since 2003, is renting the place at Hollywood Hills, which has four buildings in all. She lives in the sprawling estate - which is listed for sale at US$5.6 million (S$7.7 million) - with her son, an assistant, a nanny and her relatives,
The New Paper on Sunday team, who went to the estate, spotted a black SUV and black Mercedes Benz CLK550 driving in an out of the estate, which has a total built-up area of 6,766 sq ft - or about the size of five five-room HDB flats - a swimming pool, a sun-deck and two-car garage.

Barack Obama revealed a betrayal to his wife

Tabloid National Anconner been charged for Barack Obama President of the United States, he spent the night in a hotel with his personal assistance Vera Baker, that have contributed to the fundraising of the campaign carried out by Obama to run for the Senate.
The newspaper has announced through its website that Obama had spent the night in a hotel in Washington, the newspaper claims that it had found evidence that confirms this story and Obama's betrayal of his wife and being pursued since 2008.
The paper itself is revealed from the Clinton and Lewinsky scandal, claiming that it has video footage showing that Obama entered the hotel together with Vera Baker.
As for Obama's opponents have announced the presentation of one million dollars to those who submit pictures that Obama, marital betrayal, was published the same paper width....

Language of Love

Love is a universal language for Aitguenh a single person, but find it difficult to achieve this and perfected requires the presence of two people and not any two people. Good at every two agreed to mastery in this case they become the most beautiful languages taste the sweetness persons, Who agreed to mastery.There are people who learn this language and some of them learned from earlier had asked them about the problems facing them in the language these areTo say you will surely experience the problems and will tell you in all areas of life experience the problems but these problems have solutions.

Let Love In my opinion, a cage as a child enters the amusement recreation joy is not expected to like you on this cage means logged in worry and torment and confusion and said this is is in love does not know anything or just love getting AismyOn the tenderness of the opposite sex who do not know that only by drowning in love.
In this article, the writer of humility because it is not a writer, but this talk stemsOf his heart is empty Mafi heart!

Indie filmakers rejoice! Panasonic's AG-AF101 takes on DSLRs

IBO is a globally-important video and content creation show held in Amsterdam each year. It’s where trends emerge and this year it delivered irrefutable proof that the advent of Digital SLRs such as Canon's 5D Mk II has influenced the design of the video camera. The biggest benefit of the huge DSLR sensor is the narrow native depth of field that allows the videographer to isolate a subject. It’s the control which film and TV creatives want, and has seen the 5D spawn an entire industry of gear which turns the still camera into a ripping video camera – in just two years. So successful has the DSLR become as a full-frame video camera, that manufacturers are responding with cameras that take all the DSLR's strengths and add in the features videographers want and/or need. The belle of the ball is undoubtedly Panasonic's EUR 5000 (US$6500) AG-AF101, so Gizmag's Noel McKeegan went to see what all the fuss was about.
The Canon 5D Mark II turned video on its head in 2008 with its ability to shoot beautiful shallow depth, cinematic style footage in 1080p resolution at a fraction of the price (and size) of a production camera rig.
It hit the headlines when used to shoot the TV series House, it's being used to shoot entire feature films and a raft of accessories and software mods (including Canon firmware upgrades) have swarmed to improve the 5D's performance as a video camera.
The secret of the 5D is the size of its CMOS image sensor which offers full frame shooting – the 36 mm x 24 mm, 5616 x 3744 has beautiful low light characteristics and the camera shoots in 24p, offering the look and depth of field of a 35mm movie camera, at a fraction of the cost and in a lightweight, very portable unit by comparison.
The 5D has shown us what great video a big sensor can make, but it's not a video camera. All the bits wrapped around it are designed for taking still photos.
This gives rise to a number of audio, focusing and control issues which make it very difficult for particularly video professionals to work with. The normal controls on a video camera are not all there. For example there's no peaking or zebra functions, no video style eye-piece and no built in ND filtering. Some ingenious third party solutions plus some crude kludges have been found to skirt around most of these issues, but some of the fixes – like ND filters or add-on optical viewfinders – don't come cheap.

Panasonic AG-AF101

Canon perhaps hadn’t realized how quickly the competition would recognize the trend, and prepare MUCH better competitors targeted at the indie film-maker market.
Panasonic is first to the plate with its AG-AF101 due out in December. This camera, of which a 70% complete prototype was on display at IBC, offers a big sensor and normal video controls, so it can be expected to significantly slow the 5D Mk II Canon’s momentum.
The AG-AF101 uses a micro-four thirds lens mount and a 4/3-inch, 16:9 MOS imager. There are some quite inexpensive, high quality 4/3 lenses on the market and a mount adapter can be used for almost any 35 mm lens including those from Canon and Nikon.
We may be witnessing the final democratization of the film industry with dedicated video cameras that cost several orders of magnitude less than the systems they are replacing.
The AF101 records 1080/60i, 50i, 30p, 25p and 24p (native) and 720/60p, 50p, 30p, 25p and 24p (native) in AVCHD’s highest-quality PH mode (24Mbps).
It’s the sort of wish list that had made many a 5D fan cry. It can be run at 60Hz or 50Hz so it is relevant everywhere on planet earth and it has time code recording (glory be). Instead of ignoring audio, the AF101 has a built-in stereo microphone recording two-channels of 48-kHz/16-bit digital audio with two XLR inputs with +48V Phantom Power. It has HD-SDI output, built-in ND filtering and overcomes all of the 5D’s moirĂ© and aliasing issues.
With its two SD slots, the AF101 can record up to 12 hours on two 64GB SDXC cards in PH mode or 48 hours in HE mode ... a 4GB file limit means the Canon 5D spits its dummy at roughly 12 minutes of continuous recording – quite some improvement.
All at a price and in a package that – while not quite as small as a high-end DSLR – will no doubt have independent filmakers scrambling.
Sony also showed a prototype of a "more affordable" 35 mm camera at IBC that will be aiming at a similar market when it's released next year.

Rafamania hits the big apple - Rafa Nadal

He's a man on a mission. Newly crowned US Open champion, Rafa Nadal has been out an about in New York city doing some TV and radio interviews is some of America's most popular TV shows. So far, the tennis legend has appeared on the Today Show and Live! With Regis and Kelly.
Dressed in casual clothing (jeans and a polo blue shirt), the world No.1 was seen early in the morning with his friends and family at Times Square posing for the 'US Open trophy photo-shoot' politely smiling and giving a thumbs up to photographers and paparazzi.
Later today, he will head to the NYC Nike Town store to greet his fans and talk to the international media.
Keep checking back for updates during the course of the day as Rafa completes his media schedule.

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Make driving easy- join driving classes

The car insurance is the biggest expense one bears after the purchase of the car. For the beginners the expenditure incurred on the insurance of the vehicle would be more than the cost of a new vehicle. No one can even think of buying a cheap insurance for his costly car, the best option to overcome this hurdles is to learn to drive the car.

For the teenagers if they want to learn driving they should switch to The choosylearners are the best in providing driving lessons. The main advantage to learn to drive is the expertise of the company in making the driver to learn driving. The driving course includes every aspect of driving like from shifting of gears to checking of the oil level and change of flat tyres. They teach all the technical aspects involved in the driving like management in intersections and driving the car in the traffic. The expert tutors of choosylearners cover all the laws related to driving and cover the responsibilities which are attached with.

Good driver should be able to focus on driving the car safely in all weather conditions and should be aware of the unsafe activities like talking on the cell phone while driving which should be avoided while driving the car. A good tutor also teaches what should be done and how and how much to accelerate the car to control it if the car slips or due to over speeding or any condition the car starts spinning.

The other important issue that is covered while teaching the person how to drive the car is how to keep the vehicle in good condition and shape and condition and how it helps to avoid the dangers while driving the car preventing the harm of self and other drivers. The first lesson is to avoid any type of the accident but the drivers should also know how to tackle with the condition if by mistake there is a miss happening or an accident on the road.

The driving instructors also teach the students to follow the right attitude towards driving safely; the drivers are taught that they can't follow an irresponsible attitude towards driving and they even can't afford to become grandiloquent or overconfident as it may put the life of self and others in danger.

Few tips which would for sure help in increasing the expertise in driving:

1 Fasten up the seat belts- Before the starting of learn to drive one must keep the point in the top most priority that he fastens up the seat belt before accelerating the vehicle.

2 Follow the speed limit- it is an annoying job to follow the prescribed speed limit if one is getting late to reach the target. But one most important thing one should keep in mind if someone is accelerating at a great speed then he will have to de-accelerate at the same pace resulting an average of just 5 to 10 minutes of time gap to reach the target if one accelerates at the speed limit.

Five Drivers Of Change!

The huge Tsunami that hammered the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia in 2004 gave no warning.

Many were on the beaches and casually going about their day unaware that a deep sea earthquake
had sent a shockwave that sent billions of tons of water racing toward the shores of the Indian Ocean
at 500 MPH.

It was too late when those on the beach looked up and saw the wave that was so large that they had
no time to escape. There was no warning.

We are facing a Tsunami of Change of even greater proportions in business. The drivers of change are
forcing business leaders and individuals to rethink their strategic plans.

At Tri-Vision Global, we have been working on some projects related to
strategic business development. This has forced us to think long-term. The data on the changes that are
about to break onto the shore of the business world will create massive changes in the business environment.

These changes can have a disastrous impact on your business; or, they can create gigantic opportunities.

Here is the short list of five major drivers of change in today's business environment.

Changing Marketplace Trends

1) Entrepreneurial Workforce

45 million Americans own a business. That is 20% of the workforce. Americans are now entrepreneurial in
their career perspective. They are more mobile and likely to change jobs or careers rapidly based on their
circumstances and individual motivating factors. Loyalty to employers is minimal. Consider the cost associated
with searching, screening, hiring, training and supporting an individual before ever realizing any return on
investment from that person in their job function. Ask any CFO or senior human resource manager and they
can tell you exactly how this issue impacts the bottom-line.

2) The Internet Age

The changes occurring in the way people live as a result of the Internet is only beginning. In most domains
of human activity, massive paradigm shifts are being generated by this disruptive technology. 80% of all
purchases in the U.S. start with an Internet search! The democratization of the music, film, and broadcasting
industries is allowing both producers and consumers of content to bypass media centers to get what they want.

Major producers of big ticket products are scrambling to devise Internet strategies. Web developers are working
overtime to meet the demands of rapidly changing business models.

3) Baby Boomer Exodus

The most notable pressure is the retirement exodus of the Baby Boomer generation. This group represents over
seventy million people in the American workforce today that are entering retirement age between now and 2015.
For some job classifications, over 50% of the work force is expected to retire within the next twelve months! While
skills can be taught, the life experience of someone who has spent years in an industry or company and weathered
multiple business cycles and market shifts isn't knowledge that is easily replaced or transferred. This will result in a
huge deficit in skilled workers, wage inflation, and diminishing productivity.

4) Workforce Retention

Another catalytic trend emerging is the concept of "blending" one's professional and personal life. Americans by
far put in more hours on the job than any other industrialized nation. The next generations of workers are much more
interested in balanced living between their careers and personal interest, thereby challenging employers to think
more holistically in developing their human resources strategies. You can only automate and outsource to a certain
degree. Eventually, all organizations succeed or fail based on the quality of their people. In the twenty-first century
people are interested in significance and lifestyle. Knowing what workers want and need will become even more
important in the years ahead. This challenges organizations to seriously consider their employee hiring, development
and retention strategies especially as the pool of talent becomes shallower.

"People are the greatest asset to any organization"

5) Globalization and competition

Here in the West, we seldom practice the art of long-term thinking. Everything is about how fast we can make things
happen. We focus on short term gains that can allow us to flip to the next bigger better deal. However that isn't how
our global competitors think. China, India and others are becoming economic super powers because their strategic
thinking is fifty years or more down the road.

Japan's Toyota Motor Company is arguably the biggest automotive manufacturer in the world. That didn't just happen
in the last few years, it was part of the vision they cast over forty years ago and they have stayed the course.

The companies that prepare themselves for the changes coming regarding these five trends will be positioned to take
advantage of them better than their competition. Change management can no longer be reactive and passive, dealing
with problems of change as they are required. Business leaders must learn to be to proactive in planning for the changes.

Human resources, marketing and sales divisions must be transformational in their planning regarding these trends.

These changes also imply that individuals should examine their future plans. What skills can you develop in an Internet-driven
world that will make your visits to the bank be for deposits rather than withdrawals? What do you need to learn about the Internet
that will position you well for the future? As Boomers retire, those who don't can be in demand if they have the skills and maturity
that businesses will need. If you don't want to retire, how can you position yourself to be at the forefront of that demand? How can
you start an Internet-based business that does not require all of your time? Is there a business you can start that will serve the
changing human resource needs of businesses?

Rapid change creates danger and opportunity. The Chinese character for both words is the same. The meaning depends upon the
context of where it appears. That there will be massive changes in the business environment during the next few years cannot be
questioned. The dangers are severe, but the opportunities are numerous. What will you do to position your business and yourself
for those changes?

This article is produced by Tri Vision Global, Inc. - TVG ( TVG is a Jacksonville, Florida based firm
that provides business optimization, planning, training and Internet services globally. CREDITS: Contributing authors are Steve Chelette
of the Gumbo Group, Roger Gauthier and Dr. Larry D. Pate of TVG.

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Exam 70-620 - MCTS Windows Vista Certification Exam Objectives and Guidelines

Exam 70-620 is one of the microsoft exams and the name of this examination is MCTS Windows Vista certification. This certification will suit best to the candidates who wish to gain skills and knowledge on validating efficiently to install, manage as well as configure windows Vista operating system in any level enterprise environments. This examination is also helpful to the IT professionals to upgrade their skills to the windows Vista operating system. Successful completion of this examination will help the candidates to earn Microsoft certified technology specialist certification in this configuration.

Requirements And Job Roles For This Examination:

This examination will target the IT professionals who have work experience or knowledge in solving issues in the network connectivity, desktop operating system and other issues related with desktop applications. Candidates can get several job opportunities in the top companies after certifying with this examination. Some of the job roles include: technical support specialists, network administrators, system administrators and system analysts etc.

Exam Objectives:

The following are the Windows Vista exam objectives and they are:

1) Network connectivity configuration
2) Windows security features configuration
3) Upgrading as well as installing windows vista
4) Troubleshooting as well as configuring the mobile computing
5) Configuring the applications that are included in windows vista
6) Optimizing as well as maintaining systems that run windows vista
7) Troubleshooting and configuring post installation system settings

Other Details:

Exams can be registered in Pearson VUE centers or in online through Pearson VUE website by paying the fee. The exam comprises of 70 questions with 120 minutes time duration and no adaptive or case study type questions. Only multiple choices, drag- drop, built a tree, reorder type questions are asked. Minimum score to pass in the exam is around 700 out of 1000 (70%).
Install and configure Windows Vista drivers.Configuring and troubleshooting Post-installation system settingsTroubleshoot post-installation configuration issues.Configure and troubleshoot Windows Aero.Configure and troubleshoot parental controls.Configure Microsoft Internet Explorer.Configuring Windows security featuresConfigure and troubleshoot User Account Control.Configure Windows Defender.Configure Dynamic Security for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.Configure security settings in Windows Firewall.Configuring network connectivityConfiguring networking by using the Network and Sharing Center.Troubleshoot connectivity issues.Configure remote access.Configuring applications included with Windows VistaConfigure and troubleshoot media applications.Configure Windows Mail.Configure Windows Meeting Space.Configure Windows Calendar.Configure Windows Fax and Scan.Configure Windows Sidebar.Maintaining and optimizing systems that run Windows VistaTroubleshoot performance issues.Troubleshoot reliability issues by using free certification exam papersbuilt-in diagnostic tools.Configure Windows Update.Configure data protection.Configuring and troubleshooting mobile computingConfigure mobile display settings.Configure mobile devices.Configure Tablet PC software.Configure power options.

Tea Facts for you

Tea is one shrub that has found innumerable followers who are addicted to this wonderful, health giving and aromatic hot beverage. That one shrub is camellia sinensis as the tea plant is scientifically known. From one tea plant there has emerged innumerable heaps of tea varities that puts to strain the memory load of the best of the tea connoisseurs and the most experienced tea tasters across the World.

The list of tea variety is endless – black, green, white, red, oolong, pu-erh tea, organic tea and finest Darjeeling premium teas. The difference in taste, aroma and flavor is due to many factors among them tea tree species, climate, cultivation method and processing play an important role. One can go on and on writing about tea leaf and its variety.

Tea consumption was popular in Asia since thousands of years and tea tree was grown in China, Myanmar and India. Tea was widely consumed in Asia especially China and the Asian knew about the various varieties of tea leaf and there health benefits.

Darjeeling tea from India became the most prized among the black tea leaf as tea cultivation became popular during the British rule. India gradually became cultivating the green tea variety as well which in the early years was being grown only in China.

Introduction of tea consumption into Britain began after the marriage of King Charles II with Princess Katrina of Portugal in the seventeenth century who introduced tea drinking habit unto the court.
Today tea drinking has popular all over the globe and its consumption is ever increasing. The awareness among the people of the health benefits of tea brew is another reason for the rising popularity of the tea all over the World. Tea lover drink tea regularly and consumption of this hot beverage is not limited to social events and parties now.

Organic green tea is more popular in Europe and United states due to its health benefits. Whereas black tea leaf is most popular for tea brewing in Asia.

New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve is a universal day of celebration. However, Sydney is one city in the whole world that plans, prepares for, anticipates and celebrates New Year’s Eve like no other. In Sydney, most of the excitement and activity concentrate around the Sydney Harbour.

The activities begin early in the afternoon, and towards night, the exhilaration builds up and at around 9:00 p.m., there is the much-awaited - in fact eagerly awaited throughout the year since the last New Year’s Eve - Family Fireworks. The display of fireworks during the New Year’s Eve celebrations at the Sydney Harbour is a show of magic and light where one can see pyrotechny at its best with its array of special effects.

Midnight Fireworks is a breathtaking ensemble of brilliant explosions from the barges, the rooves of the high-rise buildings and from different strategic points of the famous arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

After the Family Fireworks and before the Midnight Fireworks is the Harbour of Light Parade where several vessels of majestic style and design will participate in a parade with a specific theme. Ropelight designs would be this year’s theme for the parade and the magnificent vessels decked up in a variety of designs consistent to the theme, sailing in all their glory, would be a spectacular sight and a wonder of wonders!

Being onboard a vessel during the Parade would be the best gift that you give yourselves for the New Year.
Besides the cruising pleasure and the joy of dining and dancing onboard, being part of the parade also provides the best views of the fireworks. Be there once and that would turn out to be the most memorable night of a whole lifetime!

Tickets are sold throughout the year for the event, and towards the beginning of the last quarter of the year, they sell in multitudes every day. To ensure that you are onboard on this spectacular night, it is better that you book your tickets as soon as yesterday!

The fireworks are best seen from aboard these cruising wonders! With sparkling waves lapping against the sides of the vessels, the indulging comforts of the environ, the spirit of the night and the wine, the vision of the skies ablaze with colourful explosions, and the mesmerising power of the moment along with the anticipation of good things to come would assuredly make this a night of nights!