Five cosmic phenomena do not occur in a lifetime only once

There are some rare astronomical phenomena, which may not occur in the lives of people only once in the age Here are the top five phenomena.

1-Halley's Comet who came to Earth every 75 years and this comet is a ball of ice and dust, the solar system and visit all 75 permanently, most recently in 1986, and is the Hallsy's Comet of the most famous comets.
2-The subject of Venus in front of the sun of the most famous cosmic phenomena which are very rare, as happened in June 2012 Venus passing in front of the sun in a terrible scene, and this phenomenon will not be repeated before 105 years, and where the back of Venus black dot enables many of the inhabitants of the earth to see it. 
3-Comet "Essonne" who approached the sun in November 2013, a phenomenon never before nor scientists believe that it will be repeated, it is possible fragmentation of the comet during its proximity to the sun. 
4-The sun passes over the equator, which happened on March 20, 2015, three astronomical phenomena on the planet once, the first "Aakennox" phenomenon where the sun directly perpendicular to the equator, so the night hours equal to daylight hours altogether. The second phenomenon, total eclipse of the sun on the day they are to Lille, in addition to the Supermoon phenomenon or the giant moon, where it becomes the moon is full. 
5-Giant phenomenon of a lunar eclipse is a rare phenomenon may not occur until after hundreds of years, where the giant moon coincided phenomenon in which the moon resides in the closest distance separating the Earth with the phenomenon of the eclipse, the moon appears red glow, which is what happened and continued for more than an hour. This type of eclipse-called "blood moon".