How dangerous the new Suez Canal to Israel

Famous Israeli newspaper "Yediot Aharonot" indicated that the new Suez Canal, which was opened by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is a danger to Israel and the region as a whole,Where she said that Cairo is seeking to improve the global position through the canal, and completely ignored pleas from scientists about the environmental damage that result from the new channel with respect to the Mediterranean Sea.

The newspaper said the experts emphasized that the expansion of the canal will increase the movement of sea creatures of the Mediterranean, and this will hurt the local fish and lead to the extinction of species including, but that the worst is that he will move them toxic objects, which carry the CM-type (Taatrodooudin) which causes muscle paralysis and death in cases of certain, and indicated that there is a group of international researchers, 16 embrace an expert in the field of marine biology, it appealed to Egypt to provide an evaluation of the impact on the environment before drilling the new channel Egypt, while Egypt has ignored it.
Says Dr. John Mizrahi, of the University of Haifa that there are concerns that in the marine environment result in changes to the entry of marine jellyfish dangerous to human, for the region and here it would be tragic to a large degree .