Discovery Metro Station ghosts of 100-year-old

The discovery of a secret subway station is believed to be the ghost located in south London, was found missing the station under the new road bridge "Rutherhait",It is believed that the plant was closed down in 1915, during the First World War, had not been used since that date.

 He says, "Thamer Link" director of the Project drilling stations underground, that most of the 

 features of archaeological station discovered will remain on the current unchanged even after the completion of work on the project, was discovered berths original station hall ticket, and the subway in London holds a lot and a lot of subtleties and secrets, and many of these secrets yet to be discovered.

This project is to revive the old abandoned train stations in Paris for decades one of the leading tourism promotion modern and developed by methods of tourism projects

Healthy drink get irritated 20 kilometers in two months

Those who suffer from obesity and wants to get rid of them permanently and without fevers or Diet systems and diet boring, the solution is now in the magical drink, which loses the weight of more than 20 kilos in two months and I've tried it a lot and yielded results very satisfactory, is a vegetarian healthy drink called "herb allies" and dealt with every day for two months, only to lose a lot of weight.
 Recipe herb Allies: boil the amount of water suitable. Boiling water monument on the plant in the pot. We cover for 10 minutes. Hot drink it.
Dose of the herb syrup allies:

   3 times is a drink a day at different times.
     The first time in the morning and prefer to add him hanging honey.
     The second time in the middle of the day and preferably add him some drops of lemon.
     The third time at night and added a few drops of lemon.

Alerts important to drink herb allies: Do not boil the launch of the grass, it forfeits its benefits and its important oils. Must be adhered day three deadlines for drinking herb allies. If you lose the desired weight of your body does not repeat again. Not recommended for owners of average weight or excess is less than 10 kg.