See what happened to the "saint" famous for burning the Koran

"Terry Jones' 62-year-old American priest and the famous burning Korans, turns into a potato vendor.

Jones, who has worked through the church founded by proselytizing and chose her name "Dove Center to connect with the world." Provoked feelings of Muslims to a large extent, when he threatened to burn the three years before the 2998 version of the Koran any number of victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks in Washington and New York, and then retreat and promise not to do it, is the author of a provocative book entitled "Islam is of the Devil" has sold hundreds of thousands.
Having been a "Jones" one of the largest furniture used in America Dealers, now burning potato, and sells fries as fingers on the French way, and become a place of "Take potatoes seriously," which was inaugurated and put it this name as him, Buy authorities and other consequences of non-potatoes, which seems to be Terry loved.