Found dead American actress Misty Upham River in the city of Seattle

American announced a forensic doctor, he was found dead at the bottom of the river near the city of Seattle is a young American actress Misty Upham and after a week of communication made ​​by stating that she is missing her family.

Upham and participated in the film (Auguste Osage County) last year and played the role of a nurse caring for a patient with cancer embodied American actress Meryl Streep.
Said Tracy Rector, one of the members of the team formed by the Upham family to search for and became a spokeswoman for the family said the young actress was suffering from anxiety disorders and was not under the influence of any drugs when he told her father about the loss. 
She added that the Upham family do not feel that they committed suicide because the area that fell then apparently saw the fall of many before.

Upham was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the movie (Frozen River) in 2008.

Strange appearance of eggs believed to be from extraterrestrials

Discover the Australian city of Sydney residents what looks like white color Green, has Zarand shores of Sydney, Australia, thousands of alien green color, and resemble eggs, and researchers believed that these objects largely extraterrestrials.
Some scholars said that the eggs can be a type of seaweed sponge, and said it grow this oval shape to protect himself from any enemy attack him, He said, "Alastair Bear," a professor in the College of Environmental Science at the University, "New Wales", that these objects are likely to be a very rare type of green algae living, has appeared in this oddly shaped, due to some weather conditions and sunlight.