Another British study for tomatoes, and protect the rights of the most dangerous diseases era

There is enormous benefit discovered by scientists from the tomatoes, and the extent of protection of rights of the most serious diseases of this age is a disease of cancer, has conducted experiments for a number of scientists at the University of Bristol and the results were that 70% of men who ate tomatoes regularly do not develop disease prostate and prostate cancer, and cardiovascular disease vessels.

 As for those who do not like tomatoes or dealt with a little more susceptible to these serious diseases, and doctors say that the man that deals with 10 meals of tomatoes per week (meal 150 grams), and scientists have confirmed that the benefit of tomatoes lies in the presence of lycopene in tomatoes, which is considered one of the strongest powerful antioxidants, and protect DNA and cells,
Doctors recommend men to stay away from too much fatty foods and salt, fast food, smoking also increases the incidence of prostate cancer and serious heart disease.

Rare Pictures appearance of an object in a giant sea Egypt Marsa Alam

Freight giant object appeared in Egypt turned off Daedalus area south of Marsa Alam, a "whale shark peaceful", it has been detected by a group of divers in the south of Marsa Alam, and is considered the largest shark in the whole world.
Said researcher Dr. Ahmed Ghaleb that the appearance of whale shark became natural phenomena in recent times, and he thrives on the type of algae called "Alveto Blanco), and said that this whale does not have any risk to human.
They also said about him, that the whale shark is the type who appeared very rare species of sharks peaceful.

It is the largest types of sharks that live by the sea, 13 meters in length and weighs about 32 tons, and that the appearance of the rare cases, and this will make the tourism in the Red Sea more attractive for tourists, because just to see represent great fun for tourists in the region.