I know how spinach is converted into fuel for your car

In the study are more bizarre at the University of "Bordeaux" French, he found that he could not extract the complex protein from spinach, which he called the "photosystem II", you'll see a study can transform spinach into fuel makes you dispense gasoline and higher prices Valsbank will fuel cars in the near future , the spinach will transform the energy of the era of the black gold to the spinach, and for their ability to convert sunlight into alternative fuel source is clean and effective.

The researchers extracted proteins from spinach and they directed the laser beam was recorded changes experienced by the electron from the molecule, and you need these proteins to light so that the laser beam work such as sunshine in this experiment, and when it was the work of the proteins, the researchers used modern techniques such as magnetic resonance mail and spectral analysis of the X-ray rays.
One research found that can convert energy from the sun into chemical energy with unparalleled efficiency by 70%, and that this system is indispensable for alternative energy research aims to create artificial photosynthesis, they can do so solar energy conversion to renewable fuels Friend environment based on hydrogen.