Video phenomenon of the fall of the fish from the sky

This is the phenomenon of the strangest phenomena which scientists interpret deficit.
It celebrates the inhabitants of the Republic of Honduras in Central America this event between May and July every year, may occur twice a year. Starts falling fish emergence of black cloud in the sky accompanied by lightning and thunder, strong winds and heavy rain will continue for two hours or more, and after the end of this storm, we find the ground covered fish, which rejoices by compatriots and take them with them to their homes for cooking because they eat and enjoy.

 The scientific expedition visited the place and to identify the fish, which spread to the ground after the hurricane, and they found that all the fish of the same size and type.
The strange thing is that this kind of fish do not reside adjacent waters of the town, a water of the Atlantic Ocean, is the type who lives in shallow water only, not saltwater, and how it is to reach the town of note that the Atlantic Ocean is just 200 km them. Was interpreted scientists for this the matter is that this fish exists in the underground river and come out with the hurricane.