Rare pictures of the explosion of a star

Photos are rare for the explosion of a star in space, astronomers were able for the first time to draw a picture of what is being integrated scientific star within few minutes before the outburst.
The scientists were able to also talk of using the telescope Map-ray emissions caused by high-energy materials that are at the heart of the star before the outburst directly.
Scientists say these starbursts have the benefit of a very large where she throws in the space most important elements necessary to constitute a form of life and the different elements of the material. 

The arrest of the most dangerous Israeli spy in Egypt

Was arrested recently on two spies from Menoufia Governorate on charges of spying for Israel, the first defendant named Ramzi Mohammed Ahmed Shebini alias Abdullah Aboul Fotouh Shebini accused and the second is called the magic Ibrahim Mohamed safety with two officers of the Mossad They Samuel Ben-Ze'ev and David Wiseman.

The first defendant is the center of the village Batanoon Shebin Menoufia Governorate which is better known as Abdullah belongs to the family of moderate means, Has made the migration of illegally to Italy via Libya in 2008, but he later became a traveling legitimately having possessed the money and noted that the defendant says his neighbors that he bad behavior and always had hoped to get rich quick and always looking for fun Sacred He was married to his first wife beside it he was in a romantic relationship with the second accused charm and noted that the defendant's family had announced that it has disowned him and they did not they know anything about him in recent months. It is noted that the Attorney General had ordered the arrest of the accused officers with the Mossad and referred to the Cairo Criminal Court.