President of the Republic and his decision Egyptian

The constitution is approved by 98%, to get the security that we have lost the Egyptians are waiting for the President of the Republic in a maximum period of sixty days from now.

It must be the first decision of the President of the Republic the next, apart from being, is a decision for the immediate release of all political prisoners who have not been found to be involved with the blood of the Egyptians, who came out in peaceful demonstrations, they should be issued against them presidential pardon even if the court rulings have affected some . Those who threatened us and said loudly in satellite will burn the country will attain these punishment that fits their crimes that led to the burning and destruction of the country.
The focus should be the new president to listen to the voice of the Egyptian people, which is the source of authority, and must work to reunite the Egyptians and shut the doors of strife that tore apart the ranks of the Egyptians and led us to where we are now