June 30 ..A popular uprising in Egypt

Indicators fall of the Muslim Brotherhood has become very close to this what you expect most of the Egyptian street, the Brotherhood has not yet been able to achieve what it promised all categories of the Egyptian people have taken at the beginning of the command the confidence of the Egyptian people, and now people dreamed of living, freedom and social justice at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood, but until nowdid not see any signs of people realize this dream.
Dream, who sacrificed for him youth and men have sacrificed their blood and their lives in order to get a decent life is that they they live in the era of the dictator and freedom did not taste the taste so far and social justice have become the great hope to reach them, but they did not get it until that moment.
Brotherhood promised renaissance in everything in the bread, fuel and security in hygiene and in traffic and here we are as a people of Egypt suffice so much simple, but we have not seen progress and renaissance.
All Egyptians in all over the world are waiting for grave concern to the end of the month after the extreme polarization in the Egyptian street, several months ago, but that scenarios Almrtouhh to Thariralblad from the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood all lead to the occurrence of Egypt again in a new military rule.
With the increasing pace of recent violence and the escalation of the statements by the opposition and the regime, which leads in the end to the occurrence of violence and excessive inevitable showdown will result in the occurrence of the martyrs of new and chaos during demonstrations June 30, which implicate the state in armed clash which will lead to drop the legitimacy of the ruling regime.