U.S. magazine: brothers journey begins to run for the presidency of the United States

Magazine said «American Thenker» America said that the candidate «Anthony Weiner» User former Democratic congressman and a pair «Houma Abdeen», the daughter of one of the members of «Muslim Sisters», help «Hillary Clinton» U.S. Secretary of State prior to the mayor «New York» raises fears thatbe winning in this position a prelude to his candidacy for the presidency of the United States.

he magazine pointed out in a report to the gravity of the win «Weiner» position of Mayor «New York» lies in promoting the penetration Brotherhood of the U.S. administration, and puts in the hands of plans and security information for New York City, but pointed out that «Abdeen», which represents the largest fortune political for her husband has become in the circlelight again, and returned to talk about links Brotherhood within the U.S. political circles.
The magazine added that the relations between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Obama administration took formalized since 2011, The «Homa Abdeen» she served as assistant editor of the magazine «Muslim Minority Affairs since 1996 until 2008, and her mother, a member of the 'Muslim Sisters'.