Morsi: I will complete what initiated by President Nasser

Dr. Mohamed Morsi said - the President - he vows not to displace any worker in his reign.
Morsi said in a series of Tweets: In my first post in the Labor Day sent a letter of appreciation to the honorable workers of Egypt, everywhere, especially in the iron and steel complex
He said that this castle, which extends to more than 21 million square meters, is not just a factory; but a symbol of national industry and Egyptian will, and added that he will complete what initiated by President Nasser and AD.Aziz Sodqi and the elite that took it upon themselves to establish a national industry strategy. 

The more popular Mubarak increased the mad Brotherhood

Page said, "sorry, Reese" It's as they had expected, as they were sure the greater popularity of President Mubarak and the sympathy of the people with him .. The more madness and lust for revenge among the Muslim Brotherhood of President Mubarak.

And they did not kindly President Mubarak to remain imprisoned, but also want now Ergauh to Tora prison hospital despite the knowledge that his need constant follow-up on the clock and specialized doctors is not available in Tora Prison Hospital .