Brotherhood took control of the military

Said Major General Staff of Ismat Murad, director of the Military Academy, the acceptance of a large number of young recently Brotherhood college, pointing to the absence of any objections to the direction of political and religious students in military colleges.
He added during a news conference in the Military Academy Day "installment 109 warship that was celebrated at the end of the period of basic training during the last period, the sons of members of the Muslim Brotherhood."

He pointed at the conference that can not War College to refuse a student fulfills the conditions required and specifications medical that qualify for entry, and fit to be a pilot on a fighter jet F-16, and his father and his mother Mtalman, and passed the exams and training required because of affiliation, and his father. 

International navigation in danger after the reign of Port Said

The international navigation are in danger because of a death sentence defendants in Port Said, despite the failure of initial attempts to the people of Port Said in pieces waterway.
The European Network monitored attempts Ultras Egyptian club, and the families of the defendants and angry protesters burning rubber in a Port Said, which are used to repel ships and not to crash into the pavement, and trying to cut international waterway using speed boats.
Has succeeded military and intelligence forces in addressing them and convince them to return, which was confirmed by the Suez Canal Authority officials who pointed out that the traffic running normally in the channel so far.

Despite this assertion, there is international concern now affected navigation watercourse importantly in the world, especially with the increasing public anger in Port of court ruling on 52 defendants from the province convicted of killing 74 of the audience Ahli Stadium Port Said, and sentenced 20 of them to death.