Summary Highlights of 2012

Year 2012 saw a lot of natural phenomena and various events, whether technical, political or sports.
British singer Adele wins six awards in the Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles in February 2012.
A huge fireworks display over the Tower Bridge to London to celebrate the opening of the London Games the Olympic opening ceremony was commissioned nearly 27 million pounds.
Chinese swimmer Cheng Tao (21 years), wins the gold medal in the 100-meter pool appeared within the category \ "6 S \" at the London Olympics for the disabled, breaking the world record.
U.S. President Barack Obama hugs his wife, Michelle, and became the most popular snapshot \ "Twitter \"
U.S. President Barack Obama cast a wry joke at a dinner at the White House in April / April 2012.
Hurricane \ "Sandy \" brings heavy rains caused flood waters in the invasion of parking in the state of New Jersey (United States).
Full body of a small elephant mammoth 42-thousand-year-old was in Hong Kong in April / April 2012.