Gold fell amid doubts as to avoid financial crisis

Gold fell amid doubts on whether the United States will be able to avoid a financial crisis, but the weaker yen helped the recovery of metals futures psychological in Tokyo. The price of spot gold trading $ 5.73 to $ 1652.56 per ounce by the time of 00:56 GMT, without the lowest level in four months last week's record.
 Still the precious metal on its way to recording the second year in a row of gains, thanks to the very low interest rates and concerns about the financial stability of the euro area and the direction of central banks to diversify by investing in precious metals. The price of silver increased 0.27 percent to 29.94 dollars an ounce.Platinum rose 0.96 percent to $ 1544.242 per ounce, while palladium rose 0.59 percent to 686.00 dollars per ounce.