Electronic chip grown human body launches doses of medication that needs!

A report published by the U.S. Time magazine, that a number of scientists was able to reach the development of an electronic chip.Grown inside the patient's body, from which to launch pharmacological doses in a timely and exact quantities required.
The report said that the slides can be remotely controlled, and there is no need to periodically review the patient to follow the results and adjust the doses, The report pointed out that the doctors implanted chips in the bodies of seven patients, requires drug treatment doses in very minute quantities in different parts of their bodies, and must be under the direct supervision of a doctor.According to the report that the new slides in the case have been produced on a commercial scale, will help patients and physicians to achieve the best results of the drug.
You can adjust these chip for excretion doses at specific times that are tuned by your doctor in advance. The doctors used pharmacological doses to treat osteoporosis only, at the moment and is expected to expand the circle of diseases that can be treated through these slides,