Cristiano: I'm not arrogant nor accept accused me of arrogance

Denied football star Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid's top scorer accused «arrogance and haughtiness as many people think. Cristiano said in an interview to the Portuguese federation that he devoted his life to football by 100%, and said: «always take things seriously, do not like the pitch banter and laughter, maybe that's what makes the rest think I'm arrogant or overbearing
The captain of Portugal and the best player in the world in 2008 to be credited in the position where he arrived due to the football, so he devoted his life for it to be a professional player, so keep constantly on his fitness and proper diet and sleep long enough and do not ensure.
Ronaldo emphasized the importance of family and friends in his life, and that his son is the most important person in his life, expressing his desire to have children again.