Insect discovered in Sinai produce red dye 10 thousand dollars worth of

Insect value recently discovered Mexican agricultural delegation is currently visiting Egypt, where it was found that it produces a rare species of red pigment used in the famous Iranian carpet-making, where the price of a liter of them to ten thousand dollars.
The study is underway to begin expansion project in cactus cultivation in Sinai, to take advantage of the great economic value of the insect, which had not yet her name.

You beautiful images from the island of Martinique!

Martinique is an island located in the east of the Caribbean Sea to the north.Considered a twenty-six regions consisting of the French territory.

Gold fell amid doubts as to avoid financial crisis

Gold fell amid doubts on whether the United States will be able to avoid a financial crisis, but the weaker yen helped the recovery of metals futures psychological in Tokyo. The price of spot gold trading $ 5.73 to $ 1652.56 per ounce by the time of 00:56 GMT, without the lowest level in four months last week's record.
 Still the precious metal on its way to recording the second year in a row of gains, thanks to the very low interest rates and concerns about the financial stability of the euro area and the direction of central banks to diversify by investing in precious metals. The price of silver increased 0.27 percent to 29.94 dollars an ounce.Platinum rose 0.96 percent to $ 1544.242 per ounce, while palladium rose 0.59 percent to 686.00 dollars per ounce.

Electronic chip grown human body launches doses of medication that needs!

A report published by the U.S. Time magazine, that a number of scientists was able to reach the development of an electronic chip.Grown inside the patient's body, from which to launch pharmacological doses in a timely and exact quantities required.
The report said that the slides can be remotely controlled, and there is no need to periodically review the patient to follow the results and adjust the doses, The report pointed out that the doctors implanted chips in the bodies of seven patients, requires drug treatment doses in very minute quantities in different parts of their bodies, and must be under the direct supervision of a doctor.According to the report that the new slides in the case have been produced on a commercial scale, will help patients and physicians to achieve the best results of the drug.
You can adjust these chip for excretion doses at specific times that are tuned by your doctor in advance. The doctors used pharmacological doses to treat osteoporosis only, at the moment and is expected to expand the circle of diseases that can be treated through these slides,

Medical mistakes may soak in the festive season

May not immediately pay attention to some minor mistakes are harmless, but it may be as well ..For example: change the sleep time and attending late very negative effects on your health and your mood and your ability to think properly, and also weakens the body's immune where they become more susceptible to illness and fatigue.
Is another matter we observe is some opting for permanent use hand soap that contains antibiotics, especially in the holidays.
Also health of the mistakes that we may have, cancel breakfast time constraints .. 
Another mistake may play housewife during the holidays is not sufficiently cooked meat before they are submitted for guests or their home, and so little time ..
We hope this will help you avoid these points health hazards.

Summary Highlights of 2012

Year 2012 saw a lot of natural phenomena and various events, whether technical, political or sports.
British singer Adele wins six awards in the Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles in February 2012.
A huge fireworks display over the Tower Bridge to London to celebrate the opening of the London Games the Olympic opening ceremony was commissioned nearly 27 million pounds.
Chinese swimmer Cheng Tao (21 years), wins the gold medal in the 100-meter pool appeared within the category \ "6 S \" at the London Olympics for the disabled, breaking the world record.
U.S. President Barack Obama hugs his wife, Michelle, and became the most popular snapshot \ "Twitter \"
U.S. President Barack Obama cast a wry joke at a dinner at the White House in April / April 2012.
Hurricane \ "Sandy \" brings heavy rains caused flood waters in the invasion of parking in the state of New Jersey (United States).
Full body of a small elephant mammoth 42-thousand-year-old was in Hong Kong in April / April 2012.

A huge planet, 450 million miles from Earth

I picked up a spacecraft of China pictures are unbelievable mind for a rocky planet, 450 million miles from Earth, which is a new scientific breakthrough in the world of Space Studies.
The Chinese spacecraft picked these stunning images of the planet rock and confirmed it passes the Earth in a repeating cycle of four years we also pose a risk due to the proximity of us more and more year after year.

Preparations for the reception of Christmas around the world

With the approach of Christmas or "Christmas", and New Year's, site "Verwh" takes you on a journey around the world to watch how the Preparations to celebrate Christmas in several places. You see a selection of images with the preparations for the feast of the different regions and cultures around the world collected by one common denominator a Christmas, Fastmtawa, and every year, you are fine.

Latest technology 2013 hours working Mobile at the same time

Cristiano: I'm not arrogant nor accept accused me of arrogance

Denied football star Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid's top scorer accused «arrogance and haughtiness as many people think. Cristiano said in an interview to the Portuguese federation that he devoted his life to football by 100%, and said: «always take things seriously, do not like the pitch banter and laughter, maybe that's what makes the rest think I'm arrogant or overbearing
The captain of Portugal and the best player in the world in 2008 to be credited in the position where he arrived due to the football, so he devoted his life for it to be a professional player, so keep constantly on his fitness and proper diet and sleep long enough and do not ensure.
Ronaldo emphasized the importance of family and friends in his life, and that his son is the most important person in his life, expressing his desire to have children again.

Obama supported a proposal to ban hundred kinds of weapons in the United States

The White House announced Tuesday that President Barack Obama would support a bill filed by a member Democrat in the Senate to ban the sale and transfer, manufacturing and import hundred kinds of weapons.
This announcement comes up after a few days of the bloody massacre witnessed an elementary school in the town of New town. Killed 27 people, including twenty children.

German intelligence: Assad can use "chemical" within four hours

Confidential report warned German intelligence risk Syrian chemical weapons, as was confirmed that the Syrian army could use its arsenal of chemical weapons, on the order of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in a matter of hours.
The report stressed that the Assad regime has 1000 tons of chemical weapons, including 700 tons of sarin gas and 100 tons of mustard gas and in - X, according to the report, called a number of military leaders deploy weapons of mass destruction against the opposition, though not yet to take stepsto prepare for the deployment of chemical weapons,The report also pointed out that the Syrian regime has for that purpose more than 1000 ballistic missile, and the Syrian forces try these missiles, which appropriated Western intelligence over the past months, where she launched the Syrian forces 4 missiles Scud in the direction of the city of Aleppo, which are stationed by the opposition

West "is a plan for a global war" deployed Patriot missiles in Turkey

Considered a chief of staff Iran's armed forces, General Hassan Firuzabadi Saturday that Western countries "are making plans for a global war" intention deployment of Patriot missile batteries on the border between Turkey and Syria.
The senior military official said as quoted by the ISNA news agency, said that "Western countries are seeking to set up Patriot missiles on the Turkish-Syrian border, are making plans for a global war. It is very dangerous to humanity and even the future of Europe."
Turkey was in December 2011 target also for Air Force commander in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Gen. Amir Ali Haji Zadeh, who warned that Iran if the threat, plans to "first target missile shield anti-missile of the NATO in Turkey" before moving

Obama intends to sign the bill trade with Russia angers Putin

Expected to sign U.S. President Barack Obama on the draft law on human rights and trade with Russia, an agreement which is expected to raise the wrath of President Vladimir Putin.
The bill works to establish normal trade relations with Russia and the repeal of the 1976 Act, which connect the business relationship with the former Soviet Union and the migration of Soviet Jews and minorities.

Constitution of Egypt between acceptance and rejection

A new political struggle going on now in the Egyptian street between supporters of the new constitution in the fourth Adawiyyah and who refuse the idea of a referendum of the foundation in federal and Liberation.
Everyone rallying supporters for victory in the battle - both teams believes that the right holder and the arch is nothing but a traitor to the homeland - this is the mouthpiece of Egypt now.

As a result of societal debate between all currents, professors and members of the committee will reach the ordinary citizen to its compatibility with the new constitution
And the end does not come compatibility, but through hard discussion and democratic dialogue - either imposing opinion must be matched to demonstrate and protest and sometimes violence

4 million euros a year from Juventus for Drogba

Juventus displays Drogba an annual salary of four million euros. And will play Dorgba finals Africa Cup of Nations with his national team Ivory Coast and planned in South Africa from January 19.
Noteworthy that Juventus, who crowned the domestic league last season starboard without any defeat, reached the second round of the Champions League, and therefore looking for a striker can promote offensive forehead in the playoffs of the prestigious European competition.

Computer latest in the world

Are cameras in the form of pens or what ....??
The truth is that what you're seeing now is a computer in the near future

And how the computer works is So ...! ! !

Developments revolution computer scientists work Bluetooth technology

These are computers that will carry in your pocket .......! ! !
You can display Almonetor and Ironing Board on any smooth surface anywhere

You can easily do to your business office

This technology summit in the world of computers (PC)

Hallelujah ...... strange creatures debut Chovha (pictures)

Mexican fish

Honduran Ghost Bat
komondor Dog
Blob Fish
star-nosed Mole
Saiga Antelope