Obama frustrated by an Israeli strike was directed at Iran

Accused the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, the Obama administration leaked the latest information on Israel's use of military bases in Azerbaijan for a military strike on Iran, the former in order to frustrate and prevent the establishment of such a strike against Israel
The site said the newspaper "Maariv" Israeli that in the event to allow the fighters the Israeli military, the use of military bases in Azerbaijan to attack Iran, also published the magazine "Foreign Policy" of America, that will solve one of the most difficult challenges and the main obstacles to or that would impede the beating facilities corn Iran - the need to provide fuel to the Israeli fighter planes in the air, so the start of the attack from neighboring Azerbaijan to Iran will solve this problem.
It is noteworthy that Israeli sources different was accused Obama last month that he leaked the different information about the opposing arms of Israeli military intelligence different Netanyahu's position, and the presence of consensus between the arms and between the U.S. intelligence community about the refusal of the military option against Iran, in response to the intervention of Netanyahu in the internal policy of the States United and exploitation of the general election for the U.S. presidency in November / November to pressure the Obama administration accepted the Israeli position.