Obama pressure on Iran will not stop and there was still hope for a peaceful solution!

Shad, President Barack Obama, in a speech, "State of the Union," Arab spring and the killing of bin Laden and the withdrawal from Iraq, expressing his belief that "the Assad regime" can not resist the change . Obama said in his speech before Congress, the latest Arab spring "stunning turnaround" in the Middle East. But he added: "We do not know exactly when this will end the stunning transformation. We will support policies that promote a strong, stable democracies and open markets, because the dictatorship does not withstand freedom.
He said: "At a time when its war, explode the wave of change in the Middle East and North Africa from Tunisia to Cairo, from Sanaa to Tripoli." He added: "A year ago, Gaddafi, a killer on his hands the blood of Americans, one of the oldest dictators in the world," adding: "Today, no longer exists." And on the latest developments in Syria, Obama said: "I ​​have no doubt that the Assad regime will soon discover that there can be resistance to change can not crush the people's dignity."
The American President: "For the first time in nine years there is no longer fighting the U.S. in Iraq, for the first time in two decades is no longer Osama bin Laden is a threat to this country (United States)." He said Obama "the most senior officials in the al-Qaeda had been defeated." He believed that the withdrawal of 50 thousand U.S. troops from Iraq over the past year enabled the U.S. forces from the renewed focus on the priorities and direction, "This critical strikes down"