Obama pressure on Iran will not stop and there was still hope for a peaceful solution!

Shad, President Barack Obama, in a speech, "State of the Union," Arab spring and the killing of bin Laden and the withdrawal from Iraq, expressing his belief that "the Assad regime" can not resist the change . Obama said in his speech before Congress, the latest Arab spring "stunning turnaround" in the Middle East. But he added: "We do not know exactly when this will end the stunning transformation. We will support policies that promote a strong, stable democracies and open markets, because the dictatorship does not withstand freedom.
He said: "At a time when its war, explode the wave of change in the Middle East and North Africa from Tunisia to Cairo, from Sanaa to Tripoli." He added: "A year ago, Gaddafi, a killer on his hands the blood of Americans, one of the oldest dictators in the world," adding: "Today, no longer exists." And on the latest developments in Syria, Obama said: "I ​​have no doubt that the Assad regime will soon discover that there can be resistance to change can not crush the people's dignity."
The American President: "For the first time in nine years there is no longer fighting the U.S. in Iraq, for the first time in two decades is no longer Osama bin Laden is a threat to this country (United States)." He said Obama "the most senior officials in the al-Qaeda had been defeated." He believed that the withdrawal of 50 thousand U.S. troops from Iraq over the past year enabled the U.S. forces from the renewed focus on the priorities and direction, "This critical strikes down"

Egypt's president next will be born from the womb of the Muslim Brotherhood and the military

Despite a decision by the ruling military junta in Egypt, who runs the affairs of the country for a period of transition, to open the door to run for presidential elections mid-April / April next, but until now, there is almost certain chances of any of the potential candidates on the scene today. The politicians, activists and observers spoke of "CNN" to a deal between the Islamic movements, especially the Muslim Brotherhood and the military council, whereby compatibility to support a particular candidate enjoys the support of both parties, political considerations are summarized in what is out safe for members of the military from power without accountability, and the development of the armed forces later, and also to support the executive branch of the Brotherhood.
It is both Amr Moussa, Ahmed Shafiq and Abdul Moneim Aboul Fotouh, and Hisham Bastawisi, Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, Dr. Muhammad Salim Al-Awa, and Hamdeen, the most prominent potential candidates for the presidency. Dr Mohamed ElBaradei, has identified a number of conditions to discourage him from his decision to renege on his candidacy for the presidential elections, and also Dr. Ayman Nour, who awaits a decision from the court rehabilitated so that it can run.
He expected Dr. Abdul Ghaffar thanked the Under-founders of the Alliance Party Popular Socialist Party, to seek the military junta to do a deal with the Muslim Brotherhood to support the candidate supported them did not announce it until now, under what is known to leave the security to them, pointing out that the Islamists, their influence will be a key player in resolving the elections in favor of any of the potential candidates.

He thanked to the lower chances of Islamist candidates, especially after the separation of Abu Fotouh of the Brotherhood after his announcement to run, since the latter do not want to provoke the public by combining the parliament and the presidency for at least the next five years, the Salafists can not only the success of Abu Ismail. And on the position of candidates from the president and vice president, said the leftist leader "as the idea of ​​some of the candidates presented to them and Awa Sabbahi and Fotouh, and if implemented will expand the scope of candidates who may accept this situation.
For his part, said Mohammad Ezz Al-Arab, a researcher at Al Ahram Center for Strategic Studies, that "the chances of Ahmed Shafik last Prime Minister of the regime of former President Hosni Mubarak, may be stronger if supported by the military, in a deal with the Muslim Brotherhood Almsilyen, especially as they want to choose a candidate, a civilian with military background, preserving the gains that have figured out over 60 years, without a constitutional text there is a crisis, as happened in a document called peaceful. "
He continued, "The Military Council also seeks to what he described as the exit is safe from power ensures not hold him accountable, just as happened with the officials of the Mubarak regime, at a time reap the Islamic currents fruits, does not want to clash with the military after the control of the parliament." And the opportunities to Islamist candidates in the three presidency said Ezz Al-Arab The chance of success of any of them especially vulnerable and they are not on the compatibility with the currents belonging to them, like Dr. Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, who was fired by the group after he announced his intention to run for president   

Foods reduce stress levels

The next time you go out shopping do not forget to choose these foods will give you the nine essential vitamins and improve the mood of the year. These foods contain natural materials reduce the levels of tension and stress in the body naturally.
* Orange:
I found a German study in Psycho pharmacology that vitamin C helps to reduce stress and restore blood pressure and cortisol to normal levels after the case of fatigue. Vitamin C is also renowned for its ability to improve the immune system

Sweet potatoes:
The sweet potatoes from the stress relievers because they satisfy our desire for carbohydrates and sugars together in a natural way. Sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene and other vitamins, fiber and help to address the slow carbohydrates and consistent manner and thus reduce the mood.
* Dried apricots:
Apricot is rich in magnesium, which reduces levels of stress and relaxes the muscles naturally also

Almonds, pistachios, walnuts:
Almonds are rich in vitamin B and E, which helps boost the immune system, while the walnuts and pistachios help lower blood pressure.
* Turkey:
Has a turkey on the amino acids known as tryptophan. Cause these amino acids release the hormone serotonin, a chemical secreted by the brain and cause for satisfaction

Any deficiency in magnesium can cause headaches, which may lead to a migraine and feeling unwell. Eat a cup of spinach to get 40 percent of your needs daily of magnesium.
* Salmon:
Diets rich in omega -3 protect you from heart disease. A recent study found that omega-3 maintains the levels of stress hormones and adrenaline from peaking.

Help unsaturated fats and potassium in avocados lower blood pressure. According to the Institute of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood is one of the best ways to lower blood pressure. (Avocado contains more potassium than bananas).
* Green vegetables:
Broccoli, kale, leafy vegetables and sources of the strength of the vitamins that helps restore energy and strength to our bodies in times of stress

Tips to reduce stress:
Get exercise on a regular basis.
Energy drink for breakfast.
Eat small meals throughout the day, which will keep blood sugar in a steady state (when the sugar level falls, less emotional energy levels, physical, and mental and increase stress levels).