Israel planned to bomb Hezbollah ready to strike Iran

A source about Israeli preparations to strike Iran from countries in Eastern Europe, close to Iran. The source added that Israel Ststbak air strike on Iran by contriving a fierce war against Hezbollah in Lebanon in order to force the destruction of Hezbollah rocket before the implementation of the air strike against Iran.
The source said the missile force Israel fears Hezbollah's more than a reaction to Iran's military, given that the Israeli missiles intercepted by Patriot and Arrow kind enough to repel the majority of Iranian missiles, while most of the Hezbollah rockets it difficult for the Israeli radars detected in a timely manner.
The source said that the war may affect Bahrain and the UAE in particular and very sore, and came to the U.S. military intervention in favor of Israel later. And that the timing of the war will not exceed the end of next January.
And the relationship with the war crisis, the Syrian source said that Israel is preparing for war, either fell or remained the Syrian regime because the military estimates suggest that the status of the Syrian army does not allow him to participate in such a war because of the security situation taking place in Syria.