Powerful earthquake hits eastern Turkey, and leaves 85 dead and over 300 wounded

A powerful earthquake struck Sunday afternoon east of Turkey, as the American Institute for monitoring earthquakes of magnitude 7.3 that the degree of causing, according to Turkish media fall of 28 people, according to preliminary information, and more than 200 injured and major damage.Following the devastating earthquake went Erdogan and some of his aides and the Minister of Health to the stricken city, and experts predict that the death toll of up to 1000 people
According to Anatolia news agency said several houses collapsed following a earthquake in the eastern province of Van near the Iranian border and at a distance of more than 1200 km east of the capital Ankara.

She said 50 people were taken to hospitals in the city of Van, where the airport was damaged and shifted flights to Erzurum, about 400 km north.

The Agency confirmed that the continuous aftershocks and select one of them, about 19 km north-east and the magnitude of 5.6 degrees, according to American Observatory.

And select also the epicenter about 19 km northeast of this city, and at a depth of 7.2 km, according to American Observatory.

He Kandilli Seismological Institute in Istanbul that the quake's magnitude at 6.6 degrees.