British special forces are hunting Saif al-Islam Gaddafi

According to the Sunday Express newspaper published on Sunday that special forces are hunting a British Colonel's son, Saif al-Islam Muammar Gaddafi, after the fall of the city of Sirte last Thursday.
The newspaper said a small unit of British special forces and the French were chasing al-Gaddafi, and asked her to shift its focus to Islam after the death of former Libyan Colonel.
She added that Saif al-Islam, wanted on charges of war crimes, it may be injured in a raid by fighter models (Tornado) belonging to the British Royal Air Force, although this has not been confirmed and reported after reports that he may be on his way to the Niger
The newspaper said that Seif AL-Islam, which he described as the "millionaire playboy", is the only senior members of the Gaddafi family surviving after the death of his father and his brother, Mutasim, and the flight of his sister and three brothers to Algeria and Niger.

And attributed to a security source as saying that "a team of about eight soldiers from the British special forces and French Gaddafi was chasing up to the point where his convoy was attacked and killed in later, and asked him to move focus immediately to the sword of Islam."

The newspaper reports revealed that the British external security service (MI6) and Scotland Yard police saved the sword of Islam in the assassination plot planned by the Islamic group in Britain.

She said that the British government considered to Saif Al-Islam as a major figure to remove Libya from the isolation and end the quest to build a nuclear arsenal, and praised a British official in a memo by on September / September 2004 for his contributions in the continuing dialogue between London and Tripoli, and considered it a very constructive.