Return of the "swine flu", but without fear or warning

Health authorities announced in the United States for the discovery of the first two cases of a new strain of the virus, "influenza," I moved them across the Mkhaltthma of pigs infected with the virus, but they sought to reassure the public by saying that this new strain may not be transmitted between humans.

Differ two cases for thousands of infections virus H1N1, known widely as the "swine flu", which swept through many countries of the world in 2009, and claimed the lives of thousands, especially in the Americas and Europe, prompting the World Health Organization declared the epidemic globally.
Although many countries in the world the death of millions of animals, pigs have a fear of outbreak of the deadly virus, has been registered any cases of human infection moved to the virus through infected animals, other than two new cases which have declared their control centers and the prevention of diseases in the United States on Friday .
According to a report from the American Medical injury that was discovered two different strain of influenza virus, called H3N2, indicating that the first cases were discovered on August 19 / August, while the second case was discovered after about a week.

The researchers found that the new strain of the virus contains the genetic composition close to the genetic construction of the virus H1N1, which is known as the "swine flu" by mistake, which confirms that although the transmission of influenza virus from pigs to humans is very rare, but it can happen.