The planet in the face of a meteor is coming!!!

Can one imagine the devastation that was caused by the tsunami, or earthquake in Pakistan, and Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma? Today, astronauts ask if the world failed to address this disaster, what will happen when a meteor hits the ground.
According to the Associated Press, the chance of a meteor crash land in the next thirty years, up to one in 5500. If this happens the devastation will extend over an area approaching the size of New York City and its environs.
Fortunately, the expectations of planetary scientists ruled out that the asteroid 99942 Apophis strikes the Earth in 2036

However, experts are worried about space science should not be the world ready for a disaster of this size, and want the world to make an emergency plan ready should it take place and the two documents in this concern and their claims to the deficit that emerged in the face of natural disasters past.

The experts, during the annual conference of the Association of Space Explorers, which was held in Salt Lake City last month, an open letter urging the governments to adopt a strategy to avoid global catastrophe.

And went all of the astronaut Rusty Hoeckart, which was Roa├║d Apollo 9, and Major Ed Lu, an institution to raise awareness on the issue.

He said if we must start thinking in the subject and prepare him, because when it gets, it will be too late.

He said the potential consequences far worse than we have seen in other natural disasters, such as earthquakes and tidal waves Alati tsunami and hurricanes, which can be avoided or at least mitigation.
The scientists believe that meteorites hit the Earth by about 65 million years ago and resulted in the extinction of dinosaurs from the face of the earth.

Scientists watching the meteor 99942 Apophis, which is expected to approach the year 2029 from the ground and passes at a distance of 18,640 miles of them, and that the nearest few thousand miles to Earth from any satellite communications is currently in space.