Gaddafi set up hiding nuclear

The Gaddafi hidden nuclear down a palaces City Beida at a depth of 20 meters underground and is designed to escape and hide in the case of nuclear attack or attack with biological weapons or chemical and toxic gases, and is designed to keep him for long periods, the palace is surrounded by buildings special guards and servants, and within walking distance of it Villa located his son Seif al-Islam and the infamous "glass villa. "
The Libyans weaving anecdotes and stories about hot nights spent by Saif al-Islam where, and confirmed by the massive amounts of hot women's clothing and found out.
The cache on the five sections of steel designed to govern closed and never open from the outside does not allow the passage of any air or toxic gases or other, and the bunker equipped with a ventilation self works automatically, and the provider unit central air conditioning and a special unit to address air extraction and filtration of toxins or chemicals, as well as Another unit consists of devices for measuring the air pressure and adjust
The hidden is built entirely of reinforced concrete and consists of three layers of them, and the distance between each layer and the other about 2.5 meters and the thickness of each layer of concrete about 3 meters, which makes him immune to hidden and resistant to all types of strikes.
He says one of the rebels stationed around the palace: "We were surprised there were a number of books alien in the room Gaddafi, about the Jewish religion and the other to teach magic and sorcery, such as the book" transmigration of souls, and The Sixth Sense "and" Midwifery magic Jewish, "and another book entitled" spirits and ghosts .. Facts and untruths ", and the book ‬" ‬ ‬ secrets in the 72 ‬ ‬ ‬ Jewish mysticism "‬ ‬ and" ‬ Talmud "‬ .. ‬ ‬ last, the book entitled ‬ ‬" ‬ ‬ Alliance devil .. Mafia ‬ ‬ ‬ politics and mafia ‬ religion "‬