America is planning to Gaddafi the same fate as Saddam Hussein

In light of current events in Libya, murder and bloodshed, led by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi against his own people protester, said Igor Korothenko editor of "national defense" Russia, the United States of America tries to liquidate the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, or captured, and processed his fate "Saddam Hussein "
The Korothenko, that the United States preparing for the Gaddafi destiny fate of Saddam Hussein, either liquidating the Libyan leader in an air strike or be governed by the new Libyan authorities, in the event of his arrest, death in the U.S. silence.
He explained, that the scenario will include the U.S. military is likely to impose an air embargo on the Libyan Air Force planes in order to prevent their use against the rebels on the Gaddafi regime, and that is precisely why the United States hold the redeployment of its forces in the region, including the sending of two aircraft carriers to the Libyan coast.
It is expected to reside Korothenko Americans at the same time zones for the deployment of anti-aircraft missiles, and heavy weapons in the possession of Gaddafi, and in case of non-compliance to the command will attack American aircraft targets using weapons of high-resolution remote-controlled.
Korothenko also confirmed that the Americans may impose a total siege on the Libyan coast, and in case the escalation of tension had been bombing the headquarters of the winged rocket-Qadhafi and command centers and staff of the various kinds of weapons to cripple the management system of the army and the state
He added that U.S. spy satellites are currently collecting information on the country to prepare for the missile air strike, and ruled that the Pentagon Korothenko ground incursion in Libya.