American family treated her son paralyzed Bzmzm Vaslmwa all

The idea came to young to show the treasures of the water of Zamzam in the call to God in a modern way, Vontja a film documentary about likeness they called «irrigated» (one of the names of Zamzam water), where said product Mustafa Aidarous, that he wanted his friend Seif Al-Qahtani to highlight the Zamzam globally, for people to know that those miracle, and may contribute to non-Muslims to convert to Islam, and convey the message that we are proud of youth identity
Aidaroos shows, that the film took him eight months, since the writing of the idea, and the establishment of a working group, one to search for information, and the other for the implementation of the program, many scientists Vzrna specialists within and outside the Kingdom

He added: In the second stage of the production of the film, we wanted to be filming in a number of countries and production is high, we found that the cost of approximately one million riyals in the last stage we held workshops for two months, and it took us shooting 25 days, and We are now preparing to launch it soon » .
And about the existence of opponents of the film, said Aidarous: «We found opposition from the other, where he sees some of them would be wrong to introduce scientists non-Muslims in the film, and some of them feared the way youth in the show, and want a traditional, though we did not come new, but we have taken information from books and scholars , and we presented a simplified, and the image characteristic information, to let people know more about Zamzam water ».  

Did not hide Aidaroos dismay of some words, which opposes to drink Zamzam water is a non-Muslim, pointing out that the researcher in the scientific miracle of Dr. Zaghloul El-Naggar shows that the American family the boy was an accident and feels paralyzed and after a year of treatment, the doctors hope of his recovery, went to a friend Muslim head of household Vohdah water of Zamzam, and said to him: "We believe Bchweih, and drink the holy water from the patient cured in a short period, and is now walking on his legs, the whole family Vaatnguet Islam. And confirms Aidaroos it during the movie turned out to be the water of Zamzam more than 60 name, derived from the attributes of the Great, including: auspicious, Chaabaap, blessed, pure, was defeated by the angel Gabriel, health, sufficient, clear, and irrigated, as it was discovered that Zamzam than most of the water global mineral, contains Zamzam more than two thousand milligrams per liter of the proportion of salt, while the highest percentage of the other of 1500 mg per liter, containing Zamzam on 366 mg liters of bicarbonate, compared with 357 billion liters at the top of the water mineral