Ten artists began their technical representatives in sexual movie

10 artists began their technical representatives in pornographic films, before he was light on them, and become stars shining in the sky Hollywood,They were heroes in a number of pornographic movies, where they began their lives as representatives of the young art.
Of these, Marilyn Monroe, Sylvester Stallone, passing through the big names, has moved from the world of art to politics, led by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cameron Diaz,David Duchovny,Perry Reeves,Helen Mirren,Sasha Grey,Jackie Chan.
Fame does not come between overnight, often costing the owners a lot, especially in the Hollywood community,Hollywood celebrities knocked on the door of pornography before jumping to stardom,It was the struggle of the stars in order to reach fame bitter, and some of them were forced to work in some professions that are ashamed by having achieved great fame,Cameron Diaz made at the beginning of her career a pornographic movie titled "additional wave", and was full of kisses and bare scenes provided by Cameron Diaz boldly. Critics assert that the gay character was very clear in this film.