Russia planes designed to transport any army anywhere in the world within 7 hours

Russian media reported that Russia's fleet of heavy transport planes, which can carry 1,500 tanks tank "Ermata" to any place within 7 hours, where these aircraft will be able to fly at supersonic speed.

 He explained site "to" quoting a source in the Russian Defense Ministry, the new aircraft of Russian-made and will be called the PAK TA name, and will fly faster than the speed of sound (would speed of 2,000 km / h) and will arrive over the aircraft at least to 7000 km.
 It is expected that manufacturing PAK TA program includes about 80 new cargo plane, to be built before 2024 are all, this means that during the decade of the Central Military Command of Russia will be able to put a whole army of armor ready for war,It is expected that the completion of the new planes in 2020.


Sexual movie to be filmed in the pyramids

There scandal occurred in the area of the pyramids and the Sphinx, where he was filming a porn movie in the pyramids and the Sphinx, this film has contained pornographic scenes abrasive public decency.
 The scandal has been repeated before, has been portrayed sexual film pyramids in 1997 during the reign of ousted President Hosni Mubarak.
The film contains more than five pornographic scenes were filmed inside the pyramid archaeological area and the area next to the Sphinx, and the film shows that the owners of Russia, has been translated into English.
And is currently under investigation in this incident, is tightening control on tourists and tourism companies .