Israeli chutzpah: Egypt will not see stability

Said Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, said Egypt will not see any stability in the near future, and that he will die before he had seen Egypt unrest beyond the stage and back to stability.

Remarks came Yaalon during a meeting with Secretary of Defense of Germany "Orcilla von der Yin" in the capital, Berlin, and criticized the "Ya'alon," the ruling regimes in the Middle East, especially Egypt and Syria, stressing that Israel would prefer to enjoy the surrounding countries to democracy, but this did not happen, and you will live disturbances in those countries; due to errors such systems, he said.
He criticized the Brotherhood a terrorist organization and Amtdadah of movement "Hmasit in the Gaza Strip, noting that they wasted a golden opportunity to transform their country into a true democracy, and that caused the mess, which he did also the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, all of these systems are similar.