Strange phenomenon will occur in the coming days, the world is witnessing every 10 million years

Said Dr. Ashraf Tadros nice, Chairman Department of Astronomy Institute of the National Research Astronomy and Geophysics, said that astronomers await the most important event during the current year and the goal of visiting comet "Eason," which will enable to see with the naked eye in the phenomenon of very rare occur once every 10 million years.
Dr. added that the guilty Eason than to shine the light of the moon, which is making its way around the planet in the next month of December, which is expected to be astronomers more comets radiation and vision in the twenty-first century.
That the guilty Eason source region in the solar system known as the "Oort cloud" stretching from the top of the orbits of the planets to the limits of the solar system.
Says Middle East News Agency in a report about the event astronomer rare that in 2013 can be regarded as special, as astronomers as possible for them since its inception watch and track and monitor many asteroids and comets that have passed along the planet without having a negative impact or risk to the population