Jan. 25 will be the Day of Rage

Agreed revolutionary forces in Egypt on several marches, and they are "16" march out into Tahrir Square, Federal Palace and also revolutionary Egypt Midayn, as well as the political forces has announced its refusal to raise the political signs or anything but the Egyptian flag or flags and pictures of martyrs.
It was agreed to start marches from three o'clock in the afternoon, and decide sit or not at subsequent meetings, and start marching in Cairo heading marches special area east of Cairo towards Palace Federal, while heading marches west Greater Cairo towards Tahrir Square, is scheduled to be launched Msertan of Shubramoving the first bearing the name «Mina Daniel for editing and the second under the name of 'national unity' and heading towards the Salah Salem and then to the Federal Palace.
And launched a number of rallies in the fields of revolution in various provinces, is scheduled to Tanttaleg marches in Alexandria from all fields to a mosque leader Ibrahim under the slogan «rebels Alexandria», and in Suez launched marches of all streets to Martyrs' Square and the forty under the name «for Hhdaúk Aasis», in the province of the camp, and specifically to the field of barns launched marches under the slogan« rationing put Brotherhood », in Ismailia and specifically in the field of the corridor are organizing marches under the slogan« Champions channel », in the field of Desouk Kafr El-Sheikh bear rallies title« victory of the revolution »