Animal protection organizations, calls for ban on slaughter of chickens in the forgiveness of the Jews

Criticized by animal protection organizations in Israel, the Jewish rabbis abuse of chickens in the Yom Kippur "Kippur," Before the day of the Jewish Holiday Kippur Jews perform the ritual is said to transfer their sins to the chickens that are slaughtered later. In this tradition, called Kparot, ie, Yom Kippur, the believers in this weather passes the chicken three times over their heads, chanting prayers, and then slaughter the animal as a way to rid their lives of sin, and are then donated meat chicken.
Throughout the years, the Jewish leaders in Israel and the United States calls for an end to the use of chickens in Alkparot weather, considering it as cruel to animals. This has resulted in controversy over animal welfare organizations to create an animal rights advocate, and has about fifty active this year, the distribution of religious publications refer to the performance of weather Alkparot opposed to the teachings of the Torah
Despite these calls from ultra-Orthodox against the weather, the religious Jews who were performing a Alkparot appeared last days in Jerusalem, seemed indifferent.
Collected dozens of men, women and children around the plastic cages stacked with chicken in a side street in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Mea, a mainly Orthodox Jews