Pipeline explosion in Jordan and Egypt provides Israel with gas

According to news agency MENA on Monday night that "loud explosions" took place in a gas pipeline in Egypt provides Israel and Jordan. The agency said the blast occurred near the northern city of Arish semi-

"The area currently subject to a search for the perpetrators of the explosion and the type of explosives used," adding that the flames "rising to the height of ten meters."

The agency said that since the fourth blast in February affects the gas pipeline.

The last blast to the Fourth of July / July Causing no casualties but causing the cessation of gas supplies. She spoke of Israeli newspapers the next day to resume gas shipments after repair facilities.

The fourth explosion took place in July by a bomb was detonated remotely.

Dan and the Governor of North Sinai, Abdel Wahab Congratulations then the attack, stressing that "a terrorist act aimed at undermining security and stability in Sinai," according to the official news agency quoted him.

The export of Egyptian gas to Israel has resumed on the tenth of June after a month and a half months of being cut off after a similar attack targeted a station for the pipeline itself.

In 27 of the April bomb attack targeted a distribution center of the pipeline on the outskirts of the village the same way in the El-Arish in the Sinai desert.
On the fifth of February, and the uprising in Egypt against Mubarak at its peak, was the same pipeline near the Gaza Strip to detonate a bomb as well, which led to supply disruptions.
On the fifth of March was foiled attempt to blow up the pipeline.

The attacks came two weeks after the new decision of the Egyptian authorities to review all agreements in the old gas and open investigations into the contracts for the sale of gas to Israel, which struck shortly before the fall of the Mubarak regime.

Israel and Egypt supplying 43% of the total consumption of natural gas, and produces the Jewish state 40% of electricity from the Egyptian gas.

Supplies Egypt and Jordan with 80% of its needs for electricity production, so exports to Saudi daily 6.8 million cubic meters of gas.