Crab sweep the lake of Galilee, which threatens marine life

Suspended in the hook of some fishermen who were catching fish in Lake Tiberias a few months ago one of Lobsters Australian giant which knows its dangers to marine organisms have invaded the lakes and pools of water and aquaria, where it is feared that preys on this cancer families of fish in Lake Tiberias and kill it .

And science site "Verwc from " informed sources said that the fishermen carried the lobster with a length of about 20 centimeters, to Dr. Gregory Ssanovski from a fishing of the Ministry of Agriculture, who in collaboration with professor Bella Galil, from the Institute of Water Research and lakes examines the properties of lobster, which suspended In the hook fishermen, and published the results of scientific examination a few weeks ago in which they emphasized that the talk about lobster Australian Cherks Quadricarenatos type, the type that started his education in Israel some 15 years ago for the ornamental trade and because of the beauty of colors.
This was considered a type of cancer that invader risk of lake water after it swept through and destroyed the lakes in different parts of the world, including Jamaica and Singapore, through the infiltration of cancer of the aquaria cancers to natural lakes, and are breeding this type of cancer in the aquarium at home, In order to eat, where is a luxury meal.
The Israeli expert has warned of breeding this type of cancer in the north of the country, has imported 15 years ago, and recommended that his education in special basins in the desert south of the country, for fear that crept into the waters of Lake Tiberias, or fish ponds in the north for fear of being destroyed and limits The reproduction of fish in it.

This was not known until the moment how the infiltration of Australian cancer and went to the waters of Lake Tiberias, but they say it is not the only one of its kind in the lake and he must have started breeding, and constitutes a real threat to the families of fish comb (Amnon), who lives in Lake Tiberias.

The attack this cancer comb fish in shallow waters and if these fish in the reproduction period and carry the eggs in her mouth, they injected the eggs with the cancer attacking her.

Experts believe that it is essential to re-impose restrictions on the breeding of this type of crabs imported into the country before, and tighten control over the areas that are raised by these cancers.