Haaretz: Israelis pray in secret to preserve the integrity of the Syrian Lord!

Relay Althoarat Israel in the Arab world closely and analyze the letters of the presidents and leaders, in an effort to see both large and small to protect itself from any external enemy. In a report entitled "The Lion King of Israel," newspaper "Ha'aretz, " Israel, to a situation of concern among the Israeli circles of the possible fall of the regime of Bashar Assad in Damascus, adding that many people in Tel Aviv, arriving from their hearts to the Lord to keep the integrity of the Syrian regime who did not fight Israel Since 1973, despite the "slogans" persistent hostility and "apparent"to them.

The newspaper said "the constitution," the Egyptian, which reported the report,citing a the newspaper Hebrew that , despite statements by Assad ,father and son , hostile to Israel ,but that these statements were not only " slogans of "free content ,was used for one purpose only testimony to ensure a safety valve against any Syrian popular demand for freedom of expression and democracy.
Noting that the Syrian regime Ranter the "enmity" of Tel Aviv did not even hear the last "a faint cry of"one on the border in the Golan Heights since Israel's control in 1973.
And continued the newspaper in snorts with derision from the Assad regime, saying that this system "exhibits, " Tel Aviv is still ready to fight against Israel the last drop of blood of another "Lebanese" do not "Syrian", pointing out that the Syrians do not bother to fight the enemy south as long as the Lebanese are ready to die instead of them.
They noted, "Ha'aretz" that finally surfaced in Tel Aviv, many voices wish to continue the regime of Bashar Assad in Damascus, Many fear the end of this system, pointing out that the prayers emanating from the hearts of Israelis in secret to preserve the safety of the Lord regime in Syria.